Complementary Colors

Complementary Colors Complementary Colors by Staniecki Jachna This album is a continuation of the duo’s current path – it contains joint improvisations based on multi-texture and loops using an electronically processed guitar and trumpet. The music is spacious and atmospheric and also great sounded. “Complementary Colors” contains more common interactions than on the previous album […]

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[…] […] by Jachna Mazurkiewicz Buhl The trio responsible for the well-received albums “Hidden Sounds” [Instant Classic, 2016] and “God’s Body” [Audio Cave, 2018] is returning with fresh material after several years. Why such a break? “After the first two albums, the band drifted a bit, as I think each of us needed something different

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Sundial IV

IV IV by Sundial Trio Wojciech Jachna – trumpetGrzegorz Tarwid – pianoKrzysztof Szmańda – drums, percussion Recorded October 23-24 2021 at Polish Radio PR II, Studio S3, Warsaw by Michał Kupicz.Mix and Mastering: Michał Kupicz.Cover Photo: Aleksandra MleczkoGraphic design: Macio Moretti Released by Alpaka Records

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Wistość Rzeczy

Wistfulness of Things Witkacy Tribute Ensemble – “Wistfulness of Things” – WITKACY TRIBUTE ENSEMBLE – an international ensemble formed by instrumentalists, composers, vocalists, an actor and a painter. The initiator of the project called WTE is Boguslaw Raatz. The album “The Existence of Things “contains verbal and musical works in the form of songs and

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Two Souls

Two Souls Two Souls by Staniecki / Jachna The music from “Two souls” oscillates between ambient, jazz and electronics. Could also be used as a movie track. Tracks draw into a suggestive journey, build a mood.The idea of ​​the recordings appeared during the first meeting of the musicians at the Ambient Festival 2019 in Gorlice.

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Elements Elements by Wojciech Jachna Squad The new line-up is a continuation of the “Jachna/Cichocki/Urowski/Krawczyk” quartet, which released the album The Right Moment in 2015. The group of musicians was completed by guitarist Marek Malinowski. The personal configuration with Elements impresses with its harmony, ingenuity and original solutions. Contrary to appearances, the album is not

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Animated Music

Animated Music Animated Music by Jachna/Ziołek/Buhl Music by Wojtek Jachna/Kuba Ziołek/Jacek Buhl trio is “material”which can be associated with the contemporary version of soundtracks to Polish animated movies of the 1960s and 1970s. Characteristic for many of such soundtracks was the collision of avant-jazz feeling with slightly sterile electronics in the spirit of Polish Radio

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IV IV by Innercity Ensemble October 18th marks the release date of a brand new album from Polish supergroup Innercity Ensemble (featuring members of Stara Rzeka, Alameda collective and Kapital). Entitled “IV”, the album consists of 8 brand new tracks that will take the listener far from band’s improvising roots. “This time we decided to

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SUNDIAL III feat. Irek Wojtczak

SUNDIAL III feat. Irek Wojtczak SUNDIAL III feat. Irek Wojtczak by Sundial Trio The polish band SUNDIAL will release their third album in February 2019 r.Trumpeter Wojciech Jachna, pianist Grzegorz Tarwid and drummer Albert Karch this time invited saxophonist Irek Wojtczak to record a live concert album.Their music, acclaimed for it’s narratives and classical references,

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