Ghostwriter’s Joke

Ghostwriter’s Joke Contemporary Noise Sextet – “Ghostwriter’s Joke” – The latest album brings compositions that are audio stories, histories or commentaries on the lives of specific people, sometimes well-known, existing in the mass consciousness, and sometimes not known to anyone.These are pieces written to order for these people, most of whom wished to remain anonymous. […]

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Pan Jabu

Pan Jabu Pan Jabu by Jachna/Buhl Wojtek Jachna/Jacek Buhl – Mr. Jabu is a musical record of three intoxicating days, in May 2009.The recordings were made by Jarek Hejmann of Madżonga Studio , in the village of Suchary near Nakło. The album is an attempt to capture hot improvisation ” around” electronically modulated loops. Ideas

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