Wistfulness of Things


Witkacy Tribute Ensemble
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Witkacy Tribute Ensemble – “Wistfulness of Things” – WITKACY TRIBUTE ENSEMBLE – an international ensemble formed by instrumentalists, composers, vocalists, an actor and a painter. The initiator of the project called WTE is Boguslaw Raatz. The album “The Existence of Things “contains verbal and musical works in the form of songs and recitations colored by musical illustrations. The whole album does not have one specific style that could be clearly defined. In addition to jazz atmospheres, there are also rock grooves and a bit of funky. Most of the compositions are accompanied by Wojciech Jachna’s very atmospheric trumpet, which particularly emphasizes the metaphysical atmosphere of the pieces. Recitations by Pawel Sakowski and somewhat psychedelic performances of vocal parts by Eurasia Srzednicka form the core of the entire study of Witkacy’s texts selected for this album. It is impossible not to mention the fundamental role of the rhythm section created by Grant Calvin Weston and Gregory Gre Korybalski, for whom this is not their first meeting in the studio. The album Includes spoken word and musical pieces. Pawel Sakowski and Eurasia Srzednicka interpret selected texts by Witkacy to music composed by Boguslaw Raatz and Wojciech Jachna.

The compositions on the album, are ambitious art songs with unique, original arrangements performed by musicians from Poland and the United States. In addition to songs, there are also recitations interspersed with trumpet sounds. Witkacy’s texts are fragments of his literary works, whole, short forms but also philosophical reflections. The release opens with a transcription of one of S.I. Witkiewicz’s surviving works marked mestoso, by Steve Kindler.

Boguslaw Raatz – guitars, fussion sitar, tampura
Grant Calvin Weston – drums
Grzegorz Gre “Korybalski – bass
Steve Kindler – 9-string violin, programming
Eurasia Srzednicka – vocals
Pawel Sakowski – singing, recitations
Slawomir Ciesielski – percussion, voices
Daniel Mackiewicz – jembe
Wojciech Jachna – trumpet
Robert Bielak – violin
Dariusz Brzezinski – keyboard instruments
Mix: Miroslaw Worobiej, Boguslaw Raatz

Cover: br, Ł. Wodyński

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