Wojciech Jachna Squad made its debut in 2020. The album Elements was proof that the trumpeter in his own band does not intend to rule alone. The new album, entitled Earth, shows that the principles operating in the group have not changed.
The spectrum of Squad’s interests on the new album is very wide. The band takes advantage of the benefits offered by electronics, proposes mesmerizing grooves, but at the same time easily finds itself in the pure sounds of the 70s. The compositions are also surprising – on Earth the hard arrangements can suddenly and freely open up to unexpectedly mesmerize the listener with free playing . What’s immediately striking is the work the band did between recording the first and second albums. The value of Earth is also the sound. Jachna points out that it is an integral component of the whole: The new album was recorded at the “legendary” TONN STUDIO.

released February 25, 2022

Wojciech Jachna – trumpet, flugelhorn
Marek Malinowski – electric guitar
Jacek Cichocki – piano, Vermona piano, Moog, Crumar organ
Paweł Urowski – double bass
Mateusz Krawczyk – drums

Recorded 2-4 March 2021 at TONN Studio in Łódź by Krzysztof Tonn and Maciej Staniecki.
Mixed by Maciej Staniecki at Władysław Staniecki Studio.
Mastered by Marcin Bociński “legatomastering”.

Cover photo – Dariusz Gackowski & Konrad Żelazo.
Design – Kasia Szumigalska and Robert Szumigalski.

Executive producer – Marcin Mizerek/Audio Cave

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