CONCEPTION is my second solo album for trumpet, cornet and electronic effects.
“This time it was recorded at the place where I practice and work – at Jarek Hejmann’s place at MADZONGA Rec. in Bydgoszcz. It was all about the sense of constancy and the effect of lack of tension during the recording. This time I reached for the arsenal of electronic effects that have accompanied me for a long time – they are a kind of “prosthesis”, but also help me find a broader perspective in playing and sound exploration.
I like effects, of course, in the form of pickups, since I started playing guitar I like to use them and expand my palette of colors. Although the album was recorded in February 2020, and the mixing and working on the album moved to the “pandemic” period, I think I would also record such an album in “normal” times. Although probably the song titles could be different. References to Dub, Ambient or other genres are normal – these fascinations have always been present in my music.
Mastering was done by Marcin Bocinski, who shared with me his personal advice on how this music could look better. Sonically, as usual, he left his mark on the music. I wish you a pleasant listening experience!”

released June 12, 2021

Wojciech Jachna – trumpet, cornet, fx, loops

Recorded in February 2020 at MADZONGA Studio, Bydgoszcz, by Jarek Hejmann.
Mixed – Jarek Hejmann
Mastered – Marcin Bociński “legatomastering”

Cover Design/Art – Basia Żach

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