The trio responsible for the well-received albums “Hidden Sounds” [Instant Classic, 2016] and “God’s Body” [Audio Cave, 2018] is returning with fresh material after several years. Why such a break? “After the first two albums, the band drifted a bit, as I think each of us needed something different at the time,” Wojciech Jachna recalls. Jacek Mazurkiewicz adds, “Things didn’t always work out the way we wanted, either. A few years ago we had an approach to a new album, but the results were not satisfactory to us and those recordings eventually ended up in a drawer.”

The new, enigmatically titled album is the result of a two-day – as always with JMB – improvised session, but there were also elements of the previously prepared.

The multi-layered, dialogue-open nature of JMB’s new music is also reflected in the song titles. Wojciech Jachna: “With improvised albums there is this ‘problem’ that you can come up with rubbishy, over-the-top, funny, scary, numerical titles, or there may not be any at all, because the most important thing is the music, and pretty much anything can fit. The word ’emotions’ is interesting in that emotions – of all kinds – are with us all the time.” Jacek Mazurkiewicz adds, “I’m keen that on albums with instrumental music we manage to smuggle in some content about values and issues close to us. I would not like to deprive myself of this possibility just because we make music without words. Hence the idea to encode this information directly in the titles of the songs, which form the word ’emotions’.”

Wojciech Jachna – trumpet, cornet
Jacek Mazurkiewicz – double bass, electronics
Jacek Buhl – drums, percussion

Recorded by Szymon Swoboda and Marcin Dojs (assistant)
Mixed by Jacek Mazurkiewicz
Mastered by Marcin Bociński
Artwork and graphic design by Marek Wajda
Photo – Jacek Mójta

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