Earth Remixed

The “Earth Remixed” ep features alternate versions of unreleased tracks from the “EARTH” album. Most of the tracks were remixed by Jarek Hejmann of MADZONGA Studio, only one was done by the band’s composer and pianist, Jacek Cichocki. The original versions have been studio altered and remixed, in a way that is not obvious for jazz music.

Track 1: Wojciech Jachna Squad,
Track 2 – Jacek Cichocki,
Track 3 – Paweł Urowski,
Track 4 – Jacek Cichocki,
Track 5 – Jacek Cichocki

Wojciech Jachna – trumpet, flugelhorn
Marek Malinowski – electric guitar
Jacek Cichocki – piano, Vermona piano, Moog, Crumar organ
Paweł Urowski – double bass
Mateusz Krawczyk – drums, percussion

released August 18, 2022

Recorded 2-4 March 2021 of TONN STudio in Łódź by Krzysztof Tonn and Maciej Staniecki.
Re-mixed Jarek Hejmann “MADZONGA STUDIO” and Jacek Cichocki.
Mastered by Jarek Hejmann.

Cover Photo – Robert and Kasia Szumigalscy
Author of other photos – Antek Jachna

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