Contemporary Noise Quintet
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Contemporary Noise Quintet – “Pig Inside the Gentleman” – Kuba Kapsa, ex-leader of Something Like Elvis, now a pianist, and his brother Bartek Kapsa, former drummer of SLE have formed a new formation “CONTEMPORARY NOISE QUINTET,” whose music will differ significantly from the achievements of “S.L.E.”
The band also included:
Tomek Glazik – tenor and baritone saxophone (Kult, SingSing Penelope, 4Syphon)
Wojciech Jachna – trumpet (Sing Sing Penelope, Mordy, Dubska)
Paweł Urowski – double bass (Soul Esence, ex-bassist of trash-death metal bands DemoGorgon, Land of Anger).
“Pig Inside The Gentleman” – the debut material of CONTEMPORARY NOISE QUINTET is a combination of jazz, improvisation and film music in a completely new authorial edition. Arranged themes intertwine with jazz improvisations full of noise energy. Strong percussion rhythms supported by double bass playing, a dynamic brass section and massive chords on the piano providing the basis for the melody – all of this combines into one energetic groove. In addition, the album features guest musicians Marcin Muras on trombone, Radoslaw Manthey on double bass and Kamil Pater on guitar.
The latter will support the band on its November-December tour.

The material for the album was recorded at the ELECTRIC EYE studio owned by the Kapsa brothers. The publisher of the album is ELECTRIC EYE RECORDS, a publishing company also founded by the Kapsa brothers. “Pig Inside The Gentleman” is the first release from this outfit, but it looks like the range will be expanded with more titles in the near future.

Recorded at Electric Eye Studio, Szubin, summer 2006

Engineered & mixed by Kuba Kapsa. Assisted by Bartek Kapsa.

Mastered by Jakub Pacanowski at “Jacob Records” Studio.

Cover Photo – Natalia Szulc.

Inside photos – Paweł Dobies & Natalia Szulc. Designed by Bartek Kapsa.

Kuba Kapsa – piano, melodica, samples, voice

Tomek Glazik – tenor & baritone saxophones, syntesizer

Wojtek Jachna – trumpet

Paweł Urowski – duoble bass

Bartek Kapsa – drums, percussion

Additional musicians: Kamil Pater – guitar (3,7,8), Marcin Muras – trombone (4,5,9), Radosław Manthey – double bass ( 6)

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