The album is titled “Avokado” and features 11 new, premiere songs kept in the reggae style, served in a specific way.
Among them is the song “Avokado”, which promotes the album, as well as J. L. Hooker’s “Blues”, already known from concerts, with a guest appearance by Cielak (mouth harmonica). An additional surprise is the Israel group’s song “How Many Miles.”

The recordings were made in the band’s newly-established “Madżonga Studio” under the watchful eye of U-Jar, the band’s drummer and also the recording engineer. The band decided to record this album “in their own home” realize it from start to finish in their own way. This is how “Avokado” was created – reggae songs in dub sauce!
It’s worth mentioning that the title track was on the charts of radio “Trójka” for several months. Songs from the album, such as “Johny,” “Avokado,” and “Life on the Street,” were regularly aired by both Triple Radio and many other radio stations, including Radio Bis and Euro (today’s FOUR), PROGRAM 1 of Polish Radio, Antyradio, student radio stations, and regional Polish Radio stations.
The album’s print run ran out very quickly and, due to various circumstances, the album was unavailable for sale for a good few years. Due to the unflagging interest in the album, the band decided, on the 5th anniversary of its release, to release a reissue through OFFSIDE Records.

Marcin “Mucha” Muszyński – vocals

Dmitry “Dymol” Czabanski – vocals, guitar

Jarek “U-Jar” Hejmann – drums, melodica

Tomek “Tomala” Tylka – keyboards, vocals

Artur “Mały” Małecki – bass

Marcin “Grzyb” Grzybowski – guitar

Wojciech “Melon” Jachna – trumpet, flugelhorn

Filip “Fil” Racinowski – saxophone

Guest: Michal “Cielak” Kielak – mouth harmonica

Music – Dubska, words – Mucha and Dymol.


“Blues” – music and words – John Lee Hooker (“No Shoes”).

“How many miles” – word – Robert Brylewski, music – Israel

“Bonobo” – music by Ganjaman, words – Dymol.

Recorded 28.08 – 16.10.2006 at MADZNOGA Studio. Recording and Mix – U-Jar.

Mastering – YACOB Records Bydgoszcz.

Cover artwork – Grzyb.

Mami rec./Off Records/Zima Records

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