“II” is a second album from Poland’s improvising supergroup Innercity Ensemble consisting of members of the following bands: HATI, Stara Rzeka, Alameda 3, Dwutysięczny, Contemporary Noise Sextet. “II” is double album and will come out in a limited run of only 500 copies courtesy of Instant Classic label.

Innercity Ensemble came into public attention thanks to “Katahdin” – a debut album released two years ago. – Since then almost everything changed, mostly the fact that we finally got to know each other – says Kuba Ziołek (of Stara Rzeka, Alameda 3 fame). – We’re constantly in touch, we meet at the concerts. Thanks to that album we even started some musical collaborations leading to different musical directions. “Katahdin” was created on a strange basis of being very focused. The recordings of “II” were quite different and felt more natural, liberating – he adds.

“II” is divided into two cd’s – “white” and “black” covered with artwork by Kuba Sokólski (Merkabah). – Black and white are the most radical opposites. Between them there is everything else. And I guess “everything else” is what we find most interesting – explains Ziołek.

Innercity Ensemble’s debut was recorded on a course of three days in Mózg club in Bydgoszcz. This time they decided to hold the recording session in a beautiful Palace in Ostromecko. Engineered by Jarek Hejmann, mixed by Ziołek and mastered by Michał Kupicz, the album is still largely based in improvisation. – We had only one track composed before the recording but even this one on the cd sounds different than it was supposed to – says Ziołek. – Improsation that productive and leading to such interesting compositions wouldn’t be possible if we didn’t carry the music in ourselves – those rythms, melodies and sounds – adds Rafał Iwański (HATI, X-NaVI:et).

“II” is promoted by the single “White 1” with an accompanying video by Danuta Kiewłen: youtu.be/Didb1mFwaj8.  

Radek Dziubek – elektronika, perkusja,
Rafał Iwański – bloki granitowe, darabuka, gongi, dzwonki, grzechotki, zummara
Wojciech Jachna – trąbka, flugelhorn, kornet, efekty
Rafał Kołacki – congas, mridangam, dzwonki, grzechotki, darabukka, flet, waltornia, piszczałki
Artur Maćkowiak – gitara elektryczna, syntezator, efekty
Tomek Popowski – perkusja, instrumenty perkusyjne, dzwonki
Jakub Ziołek – gitara barytonowa, elektronika, miniklarnet, gitara elektryczna,

released March 3, 2014

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