Contemporary Noise Sextet
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After a two-year hiatus from releasing albums, the band is back with a new album ” Unaffected Thought Flow”.
This time CNS offers more open music, more improvisation, more space, but at the same time more noise!
After the enthusiastically received “Pig Inside The Gentleman,” the content of this album seems more in line with the band’s name, which may suggest loud, even noisy music. The music on this album may come as quite a surprise to listeners accustomed to the band’s previous sound. CNQ had been performing as a sextet for some time, so the name change was natural. On the previous album, guitarist Kamil Pater still performed as a guest, but quickly became a member of the band after being invited to join the tour promoting that album. Of course, “Unaffected Thought Flow” will also feature special guests – Magda Powalisz (Gorge Dorn Screams) sang on one of the tracks, and Olek Kaminski played alto saxophone on several tracks.

Recorded at Electric Eye Studio, Szubin on AUgust 2008.

Egineered, mixed – Kuba Kapsa. Assisted by Bartek Kapsa.

Mastered by Jakub Pacanowski at “Yacob Records”.

Graphic Design – Bartek Kapsa, photos – Natalia Kapsa.

Kuba Kapsa – piano, rhodes, solina organs

Wojtek Jachna – trumpet

Tomek Glazik – tenor and baritone saxophones

Kamil Pater – guitar, baritone guitar

Patryk Węcławek – double bass, electric bass

Bartek Kapsa – drums

Special Guest: Magda Powalisz signs in “A girl Killed Nicely”. Olek Kamiński plays alto saxophone in “Procession In the Fog ( With The Barking Dogs)”, and “New Machine on The Dance Floor”.

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