Tribute to Andrzej Przybielski – vol.2


Tribute to Andrzej Przybielski – vol.2
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“Tribute to Andrzej Przybielski – vol.2”. –
In 2016, six outstanding trumpeters (Maciej Fortuna, Wojciech Jachna, Piotr Schmidt, Marcin Gawdzis, Maurycy Wójciński, Tomasz Kudyk) honored the memory of the outstanding jazz musician from Bydgoszcz, a trumpeter associated with the Polish avant-garde and free jazz scene, Andrzej Przybielski by recording an album of new arrangements of his compositions. In the “Tribute To Andrzej Przybielski” recording session, the trumpeters were accompanied by a rhythm section whose members worked with Przybielski (Grzegorz Nadolny, Grzegorz Daroń) and guitarist Jakub Kujawa. The premiere of this unusual album took place during a concert in the musician’s hometown, Bydgoszcz. Less than a year later we lived to see the second installment of this project and the release of “Tribute to Andrzej Przybielski Volume 2”. This time it’s a 2-disc album including, in addition to a CD with more of Przybielski’s compositions and over half an hour of improvisation inspired by his music, a DVD recording of the premiere concert from a year ago.
As in the case of the previous album, the complex arrangements for jazz nonet were developed by Iwona Witek and Maciej Fortuna, and as in the case of the previous year, the album’s premiere was combined with a gala concert at the Municipal Cultural Center in Bydgoszcz.

Maciej Fortuna, Marcin Gawdzis, Wojciech Jachna, Tomasz Kudyk, Piotr Schmidt, Maurycy Wójciński – trumpet;

Jakub Kujawa – guitar;

Grzegorz Nadolny – double bass;

Grzegorz Daroń – percussion

PRODUCTION: Jędrzej Roch Rochecki – AV Studio, Municipal Cultural Center, Bydgoszcz, Poland.

EDITION: 2016 – Jazz Poznań Association SJP 001

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