"SUNDIAL" Jachna/Kądziela/Karch - ARE YOU FREE FESTIWAL?

Saturday, September 8, 2018 - 20:15
"SUNDIAL" Jachna/Kądziela/Karch - ARE YOU FREE FESTIWAL?

Saturday – 8. September 2018

NFG club
Béla Bartók walk 788/1

20.00 Sundial – Jachna/Kądziela/Karch (PL)

Sundial is a unique music band which gives opportunity to meet the well-known sensuality of Wojciech Jachna’s trumpet playing with the elegant sound of the most promising young Polish jazz musicians, Marek Kądziela and Albert Karch on stage. Their music has been inspired by classical masters, including Shostakovich, Debussy and Ravel. Their music gets to the bottom of the classical heritage; thanks to their specific knowledge of contemporary styles the experience is real and powerful. The carefully structured compositions are enlivened with audacious improvisations.
Wojciech Jachna – trumpet
Marek Kądziela – guitar
Albert Karch – drums

21.00 Erik Truffaz – David Kollár (FRA/SK)

Thanks to his father, who was a saxophone player, Erik Truffaz started early his music career: as a 10-year-old boy he played in his father’s dance music band. At the age of 16 he listened to Miles Davis’s album, the Kind of Blue. This inspired the Swiss-French artist to continue his studies at the conservatory in Geneva. At the beginning, he played classical and jazz music, too, but his attention turned to jazz more and more. After winning the prestigious French jazz award, the Prix Special in 1991, he performed with his band at the Montreux Jazz Festival. This followed a two-year tour around the world. In 2000, he contracted with the legendary Blue Note Records where he recorded a straight-ahead jazz album with his quartet. His following albums beat the borders of contemporary jazz with its drum’n’bass and hip-hop rhythms which brought him worldwide fame on the jazz scene. In his music Truffaz is capable to merge electronic music, rap or even the basic forms of traditional jazz.
The trumpeter this time performes with David Kollár guitarist. This is going to be the second time they play together as they already performed at the HevHetia Fest in Košice, Slovakia. His music, which belongs to no genres, is much more known abroad than in his own country. Fortunately, it does not really matter him as Kollár takes music experimentations as a matter of course. Kollár, who comes from Prešov, is experimenting mainly with the guitar and guitar sounds. He works for theatres and composes music for films. He plays along with Gergő Borlai or Eivind Aarset and he also plays with the young Prešov band, the Fúzy Múzy. Kollár is the member of different international formations, like The Blessed Beat and the KoMaRa, where we plays with Pat Mastelotto, the drummer of the King Crimson.

22.30 Cement Shoes (NED/HU)

To find Gonçalo Almeida, Giovanni di Domenico and Balázs Pándi on the same stage seems something only one with great imagination could aspire. And that’s because this musicians combination is inherent in the crossing of creative music today, from drone, metal to free jazz. The result is a trio of individuality foreground, each with their own concepts, imagine goulash made out of fish would land on a pizza. “A promising wall of sound and adventurous creative music, that will make you glued to the floor, like you would be wearing cement shoes.”
Balázs Pándi – drums, Giovanni di Domenico – rhodes and electronics and Gonçalo Almeida on bass.